ApexPAI Bushings: The Ultimate Upgrade for NA and NB Mazda Miata

For enthusiasts of the iconic Mazda Miata, both the NA (1989-1997) and NB (1998-2005) models have long been celebrated for their exceptional handling and driving dynamics. However, as with any performance vehicle, there is always room for enhancement, especially when it comes to the precision and responsiveness of the suspension system. Enter the revolutionary ApexPAI bushings, a groundbreaking upgrade designed specifically for the NA and NB Mazda Miata. This kit, comprising 22 bushings with an innovative spherical bushing design for 10 of these, represents a significant leap forward in automotive performance technology. Made from a cutting-edge rigid thermoplastic material called ApexPAI, these bushings are designed to be pressed into the stock control arms by the customer, making them an accessible yet transformative modification.

Miata Bushing Kit

ApexPAI: A Material Revolution

At the heart of the ApexPAI bushings’ superiority is the material itself. ApexPAI is a high-performance thermoplastic known for its exceptional strength, stiffness, and resilience under extreme conditions. Unlike traditional rubber or even aftermarket polyurethane bushings, ApexPAI maintains its integrity and performance characteristics under the high loads and temperatures encountered in aggressive driving and racing situations. This material choice ensures that the suspension system’s geometry remains consistent and predictable, crucial for maintaining the Miata’s renowned handling prowess.

Why Upgrade from Stock or Polyurethane Bushings?

The stock rubber bushings in the NA and NB Miata, while adequate for daily driving, are prone to deformation and wear over time. This can lead to a deterioration in handling precision, with the vehicle’s suspension geometry altering under load, reducing the driver’s control and the car’s responsiveness. Similarly, aftermarket polyurethane bushings, often chosen for their increased stiffness and longevity over rubber, still cannot match the performance and durability offered by ApexPAI.

The Advantages of ApexPAI Bushings

Enhanced Precision and Handling

ApexPAI bushings dramatically improve the Miata’s handling by maintaining strict suspension alignment even under the intense stress of cornering, braking, and acceleration. This precision ensures that the car behaves predictably, allowing drivers to exploit the Miata’s lightweight chassis and rear-wheel-drive layout to its fullest potential. The spherical design of 10 of the bushings further enhances this effect, allowing for natural suspension articulation without the unwanted deflection common in traditional bushings.

Durability and Longevity

Thanks to the robust nature of ApexPAI, these bushings are virtually immune to the degradation processes that affect rubber and polyurethane. This resistance to wear, heat, and chemical exposure means that once installed, the bushings will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, providing consistent performance year after year. This durability makes them an excellent investment for both daily drivers and dedicated track cars alike.

Self-Installation and Customization

One of the most appealing aspects of the ApexPAI bushing kit is its user-friendly design. The spherical bushings can be pressed into the stock control arms by the customer, eliminating the need for professional installation. This DIY aspect not only saves on costs but also allows enthusiasts to become more intimately involved in the customization and tuning of their vehicle. For the NA and NB Miata community, which values personalization and hands-on modification, this feature is particularly attractive.

Superior Comfort and Noise Damping

Despite their rigidity, ApexPAI bushings are engineered to absorb vibrations and noise, providing a ride quality that is both comfortable for daily driving and precise for performance use. This dual capability is a significant advantage over polyurethane bushings, which, while stiff, can often transmit excessive noise, squeaks, and harshness into the cabin due to their inadequacy as a sliding contact material.

Making the Switch

Upgrading to ApexPAI bushings is more than just a modification; it’s an investment in the driving experience and performance potential of your NA or NB Mazda Miata. Whether carving corners on a winding road or competing in a weekend autocross event, drivers will immediately notice the improved precision, responsiveness, and confidence that come with a suspension system equipped with these advanced bushings.


The introduction of ApexPAI bushings for the NA and NB Mazda Miata marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of automotive performance perfection. With their unmatched material properties, durability, and design innovation, these bushings offer Miata enthusiasts a straightforward yet profoundly effective upgrade, transforming the vehicle’s handling dynamics. The combination of enhanced performance, ease of installation, and the long-lasting benefits of ApexPAI technology make this bushing kit a must-have for anyone looking to unlock the full potential of their Miata. As the Mazda Miata continues to embody the spirit of pure driving joy, ApexPAI bushings stand as a testament to the endless quest for perfection on the road and the track.

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