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Race Bushings: Full Vehicle Sets

Destroying your bushings at Sebring? Have a curb-hopping driver on your team? Sick of grease zerks and one more thing for your team to maintain between weekends? Or are you a track enthusiast who wants the best equipment you can get for your ride?

Race Bushing Factory has the chassis engineering experience, manufacturing capability, and CAD design tools to develop suspension solutions that work flawlessly and reliably, giving you the advantage on track.

RBF stocks many different spherical ball and ApexPAI bushing insert sizes that work across multiple platforms. Spherical and solid bushing CAD assembly drawings are automated at Race Bushing Factory, meaning new designs take minutes to develop, not hours.

Inquire to find out if RBF has a race bushing solution for your chassis.

Race Bushings: Other Components

Let us work with you to design a bushing or suggest a material to fit within your existing components:

  • Solid or spherical pillow-ball bushings
  • Control arm bushings
  • Knuckle bushings
  • Sway bar bushings (Anti-roll bar bushings)
  • Subframe bushings
  • Differential housing bushings
  • Watts link bushings
  • Panhard bar bushings

Transmission Components

OEMs commonly use failure prone, cheaper materials for shift linkage or other gear activation components. If you’ve ever had these materials fail and ruin your weekend, you’ve got the wrong kind of RBF.

Race Bushing Factory’s ApexPAI Impact grade has the high strength and temperature resistance to perform reliably one weekend after the next. Components are available in short lead times for many different H-pattern shift cup and shift fork pad designs for various transmissions: Tremec, Getrag, Mazda, and more.

Ultra-High Performance CVT Clutch Rollers

ApexPAI is hands-down the best material available for CVT clutch rollers, even in the most demanding service. Whether it is in a snowmobile or side-by-side, RBF can suggest the ideal material and engineer the perfect roller for your application.

Failure Analysis and Material/Manufacturing Method Selection

Having the same failure twice is a race team’s worst nightmare. Let our experienced engineering team work alongside you to perform root cause analysis and implement a permanent solution to your most challenging system or component problems.

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