Special Offer for Product Final Fit & Finish Testing

RBF, for a short time, is offering free installation and competition alignments for full vehicle race bushing sets for several platforms.

RBF seeks out several final fit & finish candidates from different racing or street/track dual purpose uses to see a variety of chassis before releasing a product for sale worldwide on the website. Small changes by the OEM during a platform’s multi-year production run, or other variability from one chassis to the next are important for the RBF team to understand fully to:

  1. Provide excellent technical support once the product is released.
  2. Write excellent instructions for how the kit is to be installed, including platform-specific install tips & tricks we learn along the way.
  3. Ensure the kit fits perfectly in every unique chassis, and not just the first one we used to develop the kit.
  4. Collect real-world feedback from different types of drivers.

RBF’s Full Vehicle Race Bushing Sets come with a limited lifetime guarantee, and they can be installed by a proficient technician familiar with competition suspension components. The bushing sets comprise of both spherical rigid ApexPAI housings with stainless steel balls and spacers, and rigid ApexPAI bushings with stainless inner bushings where only one axis of rotation is needed.

ApexPAI is a specially formulated motorsports grade of thermoplastic developed by Race Bushing Factory in pursuit of delivering the best materials available to motorsports. Many familiar with high-performance plastics may know the PAI chemistry by it’s trade name, Torlon. This material is primarily used in ultra-high performance applications around the world including semiconductor, spacecraft, aerospace/aviation, military & defense, and others.

ApexPAI is the undisputed leader in sliding, and impact-absorbing bushing materials for motorsport applications:

  • Rigid for precise suspension component control, while still retaining some NVH-absorbing characteristics
  • Stiction-free
  • Ultra-high strength
  • Self-lubricating
  • Grease and oil-free design keeps entrapped dirt or debris out
  • Retains strength and does not deform up to 450F

What you get:

-Free expert installation of the bushing set.

-Free street/track or full competition alignment by SCCA national road race front-runner Tyler Quance

-Free suspension & chassis setup consulting after your first event (only offered with in-car video)

The work will be performed at our Cypress (NW Houston), Texas race shop.

This offer is valid until we have the data we need for each platform listed above. Once we have enough data, the installation and alignment services are only available at our normal shop rates.

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