Race Bushing Factory Gears Up with the SCCA’s Approval of High-Performance Polymers for Synthetic Racing Bushings

Cypress, TX – The Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) historic decision to permit alternate synthetic bushings for control arms will drive a new level of performance from racing vehicles in its competitive T2-T3 Touring Categories. With this decision, racing teams will have access to leading-edge materials such as ApexPAI, an ultra-high-performance, rigid polymer that features improved durability and lubricity, which means outstanding dry-running and maintenance-free performance.

A leading manufacturer of ApexPAI control arm bushings, and complete control arm assemblies, the Race Bushing Factory (RBF) team has decades of experience working with high-performance engineering polymers, including Torlon PAI, Ketaspire PEEK, Ryton PPS, and many others. ApaxPAI and its self-lubricating design stands out among them, as bearings made from the polymer experience less friction and wear during operation. Compared to other non-metallic bushing materials, ApexPAI provides unmatched toughness, compressive strength, and creep resistance. These impressive properties are retained even when the thermoplastic is exposed to extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

ApexPAI’s broad-spectrum durability and self-lubricating design makes it an ideal material choice for many components in race cars, including control arm bushings, knuckle bushings, sway bar bushings, panhard bar bushings, thrust washers and more. When incorporated into control arms, ApexPAI’s low-friction and compressive strength means better control and stability during hard cornering. The bushings, paired with rigid and well-designed control arms precisely locates critical suspension components through their entire range of motion, without bind or unwanted deflection.

“Racing suspensions require maximum range of motion and consistency. For control arm bushings, our testing shows that ApexPAI is the best non-metallic material in respect to both,” stated Tyler Quance, owner of Race Bushing Factory. “We’re excited about the SCCA’s decision to embrace advanced alternative materials like ApexPAI. We’re also excited to leverage the material’s potential in control arms and offer racing teams a new level of performance.”

The T1 class has already enjoyed an open rulebook when it comes to suspension bushings- many T1 racers use PTFE (Teflon) lined special bushings or rod-ends, which do not have durable enough lining materials to withstand the rigors of high cornering loads. The lining material can squeeze out from its “home,” a phenomenon called creep, leading to sloppy fits and unpredictable handling. ApexPAI is stiffer and much stronger than traditional spherical bushing lining materials, allowing the entire bushing to be made of ApexPAI instead of only a delicate, soft liner.

RBF encourages T1, and now T2-T3 Touring Category participants to consider the benefits of ApexPAI bushings, as this is a rare opportunity for teams and racers to establish a competitive edge using advanced materials.

Applications in these SCCA Touring classes could include:

    • Chevrolet Corvette, C5, C6, C7, C8
    • Ford Mustang, 2011-present
    • Mazda MX-5 Miata, NA, NB, NC, ND, 1990-present
    • Mazda RX-8, 2004-2012
    • Nissan 350Z
    • Nissan 370Z
    • Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86, 2012-present

About Race Bushing Factory:


Founded in 2022, Race Bushing Factory ensures racers and performance enthusiasts don’t have to compromise and can choose nonmetallic materials for better performance in their race cars. The use of alternative materials in the form of high-performance polymers, including ApexPAI, allows drivers to experience improved chassis feedback, bind-free sliding operation, and better wear resistance. Visit www.racebushings.com to learn more.

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Tyler Quance

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